As a career fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force, I took an oath to serve America
and to uphold the U.S. Constitution. It was my duty and honor to do.

In running to represent the people of my district in the U.S. House of Representatives, my interest was always the same – to serve and to uphold the principles that we hold dear. With the politics of division and envy straying so far from those ideals these last few years, I felt it is time to put America first and to serve once again.

In recent days, however, it has become clear that I will no longer be able to give my campaign for Congress the complete attention it deserves. My decision to withdraw from the race does not come lightly but after much discussion with supporters, close advisors and especially family. It is time for me to step aside to allow others to carry the message of freedom, rule of law and prosperity forward. Rest assured, those who espouse those principles will always have my ardent support.

And although I leave the arena as an active candidate for Congress, I do not leave my support for the principles of our great nation. The issues are too important. Indeed, the stakes are too high for any of us to not be actively involved in our representative form of government - in whatever capacity our individual situation allows. To all who supported my candidacy in so many ways, I thank you and will always be grateful for your faith in me and, especially, in our country.

Finally, I believe that the answers to our problems are known and near to us as the inheritors of the exceptional place we call America – a unique place built on an idea of self-governance. My hope is that we rediscover her greatness in the days ahead and that we elect representatives who hold true to the promise of freedom and opportunity that once defined us. As I bring my campaign for congress to an end, I challenge fellow candidates to help bring us together and to make the U.S. great again.

Greg Anders